As a Songstress  and  healer  I always seemed to channel when I wrote and sometimes I felt that in song form the messages & wisdom that came out on paper - weren't heard correctly….. in song form - it didn't do it justice. My writing is poetic, and has a depth that needs to be read and understood and felt. and I feel you will find it relatable and comforting in knowing that you are not alone in these experiences.

Beautiful instrumentals stripped the magic of my vessel often - leaving it unsellable for the music industry world.


so here lies a unique guide to self reflection, surrender and self love - through song lyrics 

The hurt, the dark, the lessons

The hope, the light, the blessings 


I see this book as a mixture of prayer, poetry, journal reflection, songwriting and connection - for we have all gone through the same things in life - we are all seeking the same and we are all learning lessons that our souls seek .

I hope ‘The Hurt & The Hope’ provides you with solace, a map, confirmation, inspiration……from my existence to yours.

Nela is a soul-ered writer; transforming her voice and message through written word into empowerment for the soul. Nurtured through being an emotive songwriter since the age of 18 and inspired by her own journey of overcoming adversity, Nela has spent a lifetime creating powerful experiences to connect with other truth seekers through many artistic channels. Her most raw avenue, her writing, offers readers an opportunity to join her intention to transform the world through their own journey of self-transformation.

Brave soul-seeking is not the pursuit of the faint-hearted. Nela’s writing clearly distills and amplifies her critical message of healing and empowerment for those embarking on this path. Nela knows firsthand how difficult and confusing soul-seeking can be. Creating a space of understanding on a soul level for others taking this journey has propelled her to step into her most recent venture of telling her powerful story through empowerment channels such as the esteemed magazine GAL- DEM 

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